Muslim cruise trips placing travel towards a $1.6 bln home business opportunity

Muslim cruise trips placing travel towards a $1.6 bln home business opportunity

while Haroon Latif, Director of Strategic Observations, DinarStandard

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22 million individuals invested around $37 billion on cruises globally in 2014. With Muslims spending approximately $1.6 billion of these total, precisely what options are there any for providers to build cruises targeting Muslim people?

You happen to be a cruise manager seeking to produce a Muslim-dedicated vacation concert tour. How appealing would be the prospects?

Just how appealing may marketplace for Muslim-dedicated vacation cruises?

Just how attractive would be the international cruise business?

Just how attractive may be the Muslim passenger marketplace for cruises and that previously addressing this possibility?

Precisely what are some significant issues for employees hoping to handle the Muslim market?

There was 22 million tour passengers in 2014, 3.4 percent over the last annum, believed Cruise Lines worldwide connection (CLIA). The likely value of this international tour business ended up being $37 billion in 2014, per a survey by general market trends fast Mintel. This represents slightly below 10 percent with the overall international outbound invest in tourism, that had been expected at $1.3 trillion in 2014, as outlined by World financial facts.

A CLIA analysis found that holiday cruises has basically really been an United states sensation, with 11.2 million guests, or 51 percent of total worldwide guests, coming from the U.S.

Ten nations accounted for 88 percent of absolute international luxury cruise travelers, with Germany and also the UK creating 15 percent, and Melbourne, Italy and Canada in aggregate accumulated to 12 percentage.

And the market outside North America and Europe is home to around 85 per cent with the worlda€™s public, it merely signifies 16 % of most vacation people, reported the CLIA. Undoubtedly for this reason considerable gains chance of vacation cruises, specifically from awakening economic climates.

Caribbean: sales for 37 per cent of transport deployments

The Mediterranean: 19 per cent of deployments

The remainder of European countries, excluding the Mediterranean: 11 per cent of deployments

Marketplace is very strong with festival the clear marketplace head, surpassing the coupled incomes of their two most nearby competition, Caribbean trips and Norwegian luxury cruise Line.

Starting Point: Florida-Caribbean Swap Association

Provider: Strategy Statistics, 2015


Vacation cruises were progressively providing to particular religions, with dedicated visits for Christian and Jewish communities. Premiere Christian vacation cruises and motivation trips are the premier faith-based providers, in accordance with study from spiritual organizing trips Hints And Tips in 2015, and generally support the needs of vacationers through planning religious presenters and providing vacations of religious places.

For the Muslim industry, vacation and tourist organizations tends to be worldwide attempting to address special diet demands of Muslims, exactly who spent around $142 billion on outgoing vacation in 2014. This is the reason 11 percentage of complete outgoing vacation invest, as reported by the county on the Global Islamic overall economy state 2015/16.

Muslim expend on holiday cruises in 2014 try calculated by DinarStandard at $1.6 billion. This infers about the top source areas outlined with the CLIA analysis is the reason 88 % of income plus passenger volume.

The Muslim communicate of easysex complete outbound tourism shell out for the premium nations highlighted for the CLIA analysis averaged 2 % in 2014, while Muslims taken into account twenty percent of pay for typical when you look at the leftover region, as outlined by DinarStandard evaluation and reports.


To accommodate the high potential and lucrative Muslim visitor sector, Muslim-focused vacation cruise firms are starting to emerge.

U.S.-based Salaam Cruise opened this year and promises to work a€?first actually Muslim cruisea€?. They present the company renting a ship from a cruise driver.

The initial tour fix travel in 2012 with 150 customers, signed up with by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, dean of educational matters at U.S.-based Al-Maghreb Institute a following travel accompanied in 2013, according to research by the Islamic news websites MuslimMatters.

The trips present a three-day longer day at the Bahamas and showcased a Muslim-friendly ambiance, without having alcoholic drinks or playing, and was used merely halal meals.

Synthesis trips simply established Turkeya€™s initial halal luxury cruise, that is certainly with disembark through the western Izmir province on Sep 27, 2016.

The trip says it will manage the extent of Muslim requires, such as halal as well as building clear of beer and chicken, separate prayer room, and single-sex day spa places and Turkish bathing.

The sail will concentrate on the footstool tradition in the region. Gokmen Aydinalp, mix Toura€™s project manager, showed that the interest in the visit was large despite best lately being announced while there is a giant need for strategy, the man assured Turkish headlines internet site Andalou Agency just the past year.


Most old-fashioned cruise workers posses desired to support Muslim requires.

Disney, among the key members into the worldwide sail market place, which generated around $1 billion in sales in 2014 as outlined by experts estimates, holds halal groceries dependent on advance discover.

The SuperStar Libra High End ship began promoting halal delicacies to address demand from Malaysian Muslims in 2013. They restored one of their bars to meet the halal obligations from Malaysiaa€™s team of Islamic progress (JAKIM), and set out offer a variety of halal food choice.

Cynthia Lee, Deputy leader of Superstar sail revenue department, mentioned which vendor got eager to get Muslim tourists from Malaysia, with wants to furthermore lure Muslims from other countries, basically within the Middle Eastern Countries, she assured Aquila design in an interview in 2013.


While Muslim-focused cruise trips maybe attractive, there exists limited facts up to now belonging to the viability of vacation cruises concentrating solely on Muslims, with extent to support non-Muslims.

Trips incorporate higher corrected overhead and financing expenditures, and want to guarantee highest occupancy, including big invest per passenger to remain profitable.

In a research of Carnivala€™s profits in 2014, done by industry person and using the corporationa€™s yearly monetary results, the corporate generated 7 percentage in net profit margins; 24 percent of revenue happened to be resulting from on board devote, with casino and alcoholic beverages money a major aspect. Just what this indicates is the fact that eliminating alcoholic and gambling income could jeopardize productivity.

The profitability of Muslim-friendly hotels and hotels wants a big degree been already revealed, with the significant acclaim for essential players, like for example Shaza resort hotels, that has been capable bring investments to finance growth. The ability of Muslim-friendly cruises for making income is really as so far unproven.

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