Leslie Shay. Shay and Dawson stick to Squad 3 into constructing, just where they come an injured men and begin providing worry

Leslie Shay. Shay and Dawson stick to Squad 3 into constructing, just where they come an injured men and begin providing worry

Leslie Elizabeth Shay was a paramedic allotted to Ambulance 61, doing work alongside Gabriela Dawson. Shay was killed in distinct work from inside the year 3 premiere Real Never Waits. She was actually represented by Lauren German.

Leslie try a lesbian, something Peter Mills discovered whenever the additional firefighters strategy your into creating a pass at them. She once was in a three-year union with someone named Clarice Carthage, exactly who fundamentally lead her to get married with a toddler with an affluent boyfriend. This seemingly have instigated the determination dilemmas she gets. She originally originated Firehouse 87.


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Season 2 [ change | alter resource ]

In “a risk Call”, she and Dawson have been called off to Darryl, a frequent call’s, household helping him together with his insulin shot, anything he could easily accomplish themselves. They are both frustrated at your, so he is actually infatuated with Shay. They takes out a gun within the center of the phone call, and Dawson tries to create him or her to include they along by yelling at your, but Leslie normally takes some other approach, telling him that this bimbo’s in deep love with him way too, in addition they can go to elope in Sin City if the man pose on the firearm. Every one of her means fail in which he takes on his own inside the brain before all of them, circulation splattering over both of them. This impacts Shay and Dawson in different ways, with Shay being despondent and reserved, creating a disagreement just where Dawson draws stand plus they both declare her friendship over.

This woman is later read drinker with Otis, saying it actually was good which he moved in, and laughs with him or her until she start sobbing. Otis concurs maintain the failure mystery from Severide, and she walks at a distance.

Death of Leslie Shay [ edit | alter resource ]

In mention of the the occurrence: “Real never ever Waits”.

Main Boden’s wedding happens to be disturbed when Firehouse 51 known as to a construction fire. Shay and Dawson follow group 3 into creating, just where these people find an injured male and begin applying treatment. Dawson tells Shay taking the lead throughout this case since she’d should be responsible after Dawson allow, creating these to shift spots. Soon after they change spots, Dawson says to Shay about Casey’s achievable proposition. Shay accepts understanding regarding this, and within this dialogue, an explosion happens in the property. A collapsing tube fatally strikes Shay from the mind while Dawson gets taken in return. When Severide comes on stage, the man views Dawson performing upper body filipino dating site compressions on Shay and leaps in to assist. Despite their particular work, Shay fundamentally gives out.

It’s later on realized that Shay was killed by a person who was stalking them, Adrian Gish, exactly who likewise established the flame that harmed Wallace Boden and destroyed Ross McGowan and Henry Mills 20 years earlier. The premise when you look at the episode “true Never delays” are followed closely by the growing season 3 occurrence 13 “Three Bells”, that is certainly a crossover with Chicago P.D. Season 2 occurrence 13.

Memorable rates [ modify | modify provider ]

  • (To Mills): “Peter Mills, are you presently gay? Because i will be.”
  • (To Dawson): “It isn’t really too far gone to modify clubs.”
  • (To Kelly about Clarice): “ends up, I may have actually overestimated the woman lesbianism.”
  • (To Dawson about Mills): “Ugh. Marry him or her.”
  • (In flashback of Kelly): ” tends to be most people being peaceful? Tend to be you being significant ((with lisp)) “
  • (Kelly about Shay): “Shay rode on 61. She was actually area of the DNA for this firehouse. She got the good friend. Plenty latest bloodstream in 51 nowadays, soon individuals who really don’t know Shay tends to be going to outnumber individuals whom managed to do. And additionally they should know whoever shade they truly are hiking in.”

Shows [ change | alter starting point ]

Shay can seen during month 3 in the form of flashbacks, mostly from Kelly. (Constantly, Call It Utopia, Now I Am the Apocalypse)

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